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And, welcome to our community. 


My name is Alina Kuderska. I am a yoga, meditation and energetic practitioner. In the spiritual family, long time ago, I was initiated with the name Shobha.

I have more than 18 years of practice yoga, various meditations, Pranayama, energetic healing practices, and more. For the first 13 years, I was on the student, and learned from the amazing and inspiring professionals, that I am very grateful for. Although even after I've started teaching, I still make sure to preserve the open-minded mentality of student, as we forever deciples in the University of Life.

In this lifetime, my spiritual journey started back in Ukraine, the country I was born. As many of us, initially I came to yoga out of the desire to feel better, to normalize mental and emotional states in life. And I am very grateful that my teachers have been and still are very deeply spiritual beings. They helped me to open up the path and discover a great potential and depth of yoga.

I have been travelling to India multiple times, for spiritual retreats, the practice of yoga, visits to the holy land of Arunachala mountain, Sri Ramana Maharshi Ashram, Both Gaya and Mahabodhi Temple, holy land of Varanasi and much more.

When I moved to States, almost a decade ago, I started practicing yoga with Sri Dharma Mittra, in New York City. Dharma yoga center became my home-based studio, and the place where I got certified as the instructor. I used to teach yoga classes at Dharma yoga center. 

Currently, out of the calling to offer more programs and classes, to help larger amount of people, I organize yoga and meditation workshops, around NYC, and states. I am also working on the programs for overseas. 

Our new location is in the Midtown, NYC. Please, follow my schedule on the website, to register and attend classes. 

I also provide 1-1 energetic and meditative sessions, on demand. The topics and requests may vary, starting from the mental and emotional conditions, traumas, relations, and issues with physical body, and more. We sit together, and I as a facilitator, help folks to reconnect with whom they really are. There is no an exact word to describe this process. The process just happens by itself. I truly believe that the true healer is your own heart and spirit. And you may and can heal yourself. And, if I may be of service in this journey,  and help and guide you, that is my delight. The frequency of sessions varies case by case. If there is a need, we establish it during our conversation, based on the person's state of overall well-being. It's important to acknowledge, that these sessions are not a magical pill, and the overall outcome truly depends on the person's willingness and readiness to take the  responsibility for their life, actions, thoughts, desire to move forward and achieve new results. These sessions are by appointment only. If you feel the need in them, please, message me. The opportunity is equally good for in-person sessions, and online, from any part of the planet, as long as we can manage the time difference. 

These sessions are my independent practice. I started offering them as the result of personal experience in practice, observation of world and life, and seeing the deeper meaning in sense in everything that happens with us. The journey of embracing who we really are is indeed beautiful, although sometimes may seem to be challenging. Happy and balanced life is possible to achieve.

I also have yoga and meditation app, called The Self Yoga, with various yoga classes, meditations, Pranayama and community. The app is a beautiful opportunity to practice yoga and meditation at the comfort of your own space, and still stay connected with the community. Please, check it out and ask me any questions that you have.

I maintain vegan diet and lifestyle, and they way to practice Ahimsa, non-harming. I am happy to share the word about it with everyone who is interested.

Please, feel free to get in touch with me!

My email:

IG: @theselfyoga

Yoga App: The Self Yoga


Love to all beings!


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